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Explore Summer Reading: Teens entering 6th through 12th grade
June 20 - August 20
   Teen Summer Reading 2016       Kids Summer Reading 2016   

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Be sure to participate in the Weekly Challenges at your branch! Each week, there will be a different challenge based on the theme of the week. Complete the challenge, and you'll be entered into a drawing for fabulous coupons and other prizes.

Weekly themes:

  • Around the World: June 20 - 25
  • Nature: June 27 - July 2
  • History: July 4 - 9
  • The Arts: July 11 - 16
  • Space: July 18 - 23
  • When I Grow Up: July 25 - 30
  • Games & Sports: August 1 - 6
  • Water Week: August 8 - 13
  • Dinosaurs: August 15 - 20

Franklin Delano Donuthead is a boy in fifth grade. He is very overprotective of himself, so it was no surprise he was scared of the new girl, Sarah Kervick. Franklin saw Sarah as a violent, unhygienic girl. Later, he sees a different Sarah, one with a fear and a dream. Read Donuthead to find out how Sarah pursues her dream with the help of Franklin.

The Baby Sitters Club #64 Dawn's Family Feud
Dawn's brother Jeff moved to California to live with their dad. Her mom got remarried to her best friend's dad. Now Jeff is visiting from California and Dawn wants him to have a good time so that he might move back from California. He is miserable on his trip and he doesn't have any fun. Dawn decides that the whole family should take a trip but when they go on their trip everyone starts agrueing and no one is getting along. Can Dawn save the trip and make Jeff happy? Read the book and find out!!

The Unbound
A deserving sequel to The Archived. I continue to be pleased by the characters and world-building of the series, who/which only develop more in this book. After finishing, I wish the next installment was available!

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Wow -- an amazing story, especially for a standalone! Those are hard to find sometimes, but this book never ceases to be intriguing. The characters are relatable, sarcastically funny, and unique. If you think vampires are overdone, you might need to reconsider.